Community Health Needs Assessment

MAPP conducts Community Health Needs Assessments every three years to get a holistic, comprehensive look at the community’s strengths, needs, and health trends over time. The health assessment is then used to develop community priorities and strategies that are incorporated into the Community Health Improvement Plan. The MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships) framework guides this assessment process and instructs communities to conduct four separate sub-assessments:

1. Community Themes & Strengths Assessment: Qualitative input from community members to identify the issues they feel are important

2. Forces of Change Assessment: Identifying forces such as legislation, technology, and other impending changes that affect the context in which the community and its public health system operate

3. Community Health Status Assessment: Quantitative community health data (representing cultural, economic, educational, environmental, mental, physical, and spiritual health) that identifies priority health and quality of life issues

4. Local Public Health Assessment: Using a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standardized national tool, this report shows our community’s status on the ten essential public health services

The result of this collaborative process is a document that catalogs the priorities, perceptions, misperceptions, hard facts, strengths, challenges, and opportunities that we face in our community.

Project / Executive Summaries