Connection Packet in Homer Mailboxes!

Developing relationships and fostering connection is the foundation to creating a healthy and resilient community full of thriving people. In late October 2015, a Connection Packet was mailed to Homer residential mailboxes to support a conversation about what it means to be connected to oneself, to others, and to this community. The goal is to learn from and support one another.

To download the packet contents, click here.

On 11.12.15 – Homer News Letter to Editor feedback read,

“I am writing to comment on a piece of mail I received from a group of people (MAPP) today. It really made me think of so many things I could be doing which would probably make me smile more and make more friends, while helping someone who needs a little help or a lot. Remembering all of the kindness that has been shown to me this last year, I really think that Homer is becoming a very “Connected Community.”

Geri Faller”