We’re here to make our community a healthier place for everyone. We define health in very broad terms, however. For us, it includes the cultural, economic, educational, environmental, mental, physical, and spiritual health of the individuals in our community.

Over the years, the community has set a number of goals we want to reach. The first workgroups to address priority goals were Addressing Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence, Connecting Community Resources, and Healthy Lifestyle Choices. Check out the 2011 Community Health Improvement Plan to view the goals of these initial workgroups.

Presently, the community has prioritized themes from the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment and, over the next few years, is focusing collective action around Increasing Family Well-being.  To do this, we are aligning our efforts around objectives that promote Family Resiliency:

  1. Enhancing Family Cohesion and supportive relationships within families
  2. Increasing Role Models for children and youth
  3. Improving physical and mental health of caregivers
  4. Enhancing networks and social supports for families
  5. Increasing stability for families

Check out the 2015 Community Health Improvement Plan or Projects to view present goals and actions.Family-colorThe above visual was adapted with permission from Futures Without Violence. For more info visit, www.promisingfutureswithoutviolence.org

Do you have a strategy to promote one or more of the five family protective factors?
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