Collective Impact Partner Tools

Tools for Coalitions, Workgroups and Collaborative Community Initiatives

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# Tool Details
1 Strategy Development Tool This tool includes two parts:

  1. Background
  • Definition of Collective Impact Partners and Workgroups
  • Overview of requested information and how it will be used by MAPP
  • Overview of MAPP and Collective Impact approach – to understand the larger context and goals for community health improvement and working collectively towards an overarching health improvement goal
  1. Collective Impact Partner Worksheets
  • Description of possible Partner / Workgroup Member responsibilities – to provide an example overview of the role of Working Groups and/or the responsibilities of partners
  • Action Planning Template – to be used by partners / workgroups to help guide the development of strategic direction and formation of an implementation plan
  • Sample Instructions for the Development of Indicators – to be used by partners / workgroups responsible for identifying indicators and/or key data points for shared measurement
2 Strategy Development Tool excerpt Workgroups within Coalitions access this tool as they record:

  • their goal and the language to describe their group
  • short-term strategies
  • long-term strategies
  • initial policy and advocacy strategies
  • learning strategies and prototypes
  • strategies co-created with their focus population(s)
  • who is missing from the table
  • supports they need from their Coalition
3 One Page Overview of Five Family Protective Factors and Five Conditions of Collective Impact This tool includes definitions and some examples.
4 Four-Page Workgroup Packet
  • Worksheet #1 will help your team get greater clarity about your issue.
  • Worksheet #2 targets measures and their mutually reinforcing activities.
  • Groups use Worksheet #3 to reflect on MAPP’s top 10community-level shared measures dashboard.
  • Use Worksheet #4 to reflect on the five conditions of Collective Impact and plan next steps accordingly.
5 Collective Impact Conditions Rate and Reflect Use this tool to as a pre- and post-activity assessment, to guide the group’s next steps and/or solicit guidance from MAPP.